Vedanta plans major investment in bauxite

Anil Agarwal, the founder and Chairman of the mining and metals major Vedanta Resources Plc, said that the company is planning to invest in sectors such as oil and gas, production of aluminium, zinc, copper, silver and steel and mining of bauxite and rock phosphate.

Anil Agarwal told Mint in an interview that he will invest $9 billion over the next few years in India. This would meet country’s requirements of these commodities locally. “Directly and indirectly, these investments will create over a million jobs. I am very passionate about our investments in India,” he said.

The company will invest $1.5-2 billion in the aluminium sector and $2 billion in bauxite mining.

Anil Agarwal said in a recent interview that the company is considering the launch of a one billion dollar venture capital fund to help promising young Indian entrepreneurs build their start-ups.