China’s alumina imports outweigh exports in September

According to the latest import-export data published by China General Customs, China’s imports of alumina totalled 275,385 tonnes in September 2017, up 93 per cent year-on year. The country imported 2.23 million tonnes of alumina between January and September, an increase of 2.96 per cent year-on year.  

Australia exported 130,447 tonnes of alumina in September and one million tonnes during January-September, down 24.71 per cent year-on-year.

The other top countries which supplied alumina to China are Indonesia, Vietnam, France, India, Japan and Germany.

China’s exports of aluminium decreased 83 per cent YoY to 4,676 tonnes in September 2017. The country exported 42,219 tonnes of alumina during the first nine months of this year, down 48 per cent YoY.

Japan imported a major chunk of alumina totalling 3,079 tonnes in September. Japan imported 9,851 tonnes of alumina during January-September 2017.

Other countries that imported alumina from China were the USA, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan (China), Australia and North Korea.